Bell Sleeve Blouse

Hi babes, I'm so happy that this trend came back. I love bell sleeves. They look so elegant and they are without a doubt the best way to look fashion forward right now. The key to wearing a bell-sleeve shirt, I’ve found, is to embrace the billowing. Who doesn't love bell sleeves? They are airy, let your arms breathe and let your arms wiggle and jiggle without a worry in the world. What's not to like? Unlike before, when bell sleeves would make you feel like you were sporting the balcony of sleeves, now bell sleeves seemed to have taken a more structural turn and it's all for the better. From crop tops and hump suits to sexy dresses fashion's working the vintage trend in a more sophisticated manner with some lines and ruffles throen in. SheIn has the best selection.

Bell Sleeves - The breezy fashion trend your life needs ASAP.

Blouse: HERE

The dramatic sleeves mean you can get away with keeping baubles to a minimum. Not having to deal with your jewelry box and still looking put together? Win and win.

That should be enough inspiration for you to try the trend right away!

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