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Hey lovely people, thanks for stopping by again on my blog. I'm happy to know that you're interested in my blogging. I appreciate it a lot. How are you today? It's cold here but we're missing snow. It's often the case that after some really cold snowy days, snow suddenly begins to melt and this takes days... Then I always have a dilemma what to wear on my feet to stay dry and waterproof. Rain boots are perfect for this weather, melting snow, and of course for rain. I got a lovely new pair which is so practical and useful. They have a warm shaggy, furry pad or sock which you can put or remove from the shoes. This is a perfect solution depends on if it's warm or cold weather. So, you can wear them the whole year long. No matter if it's winter, autumn, spring or summer. Never run in the rain without your rain boots on. Mine are dark blue, but they're also available in light blue or red. Also in all sizes. I decided to get a new bag that fits with these boots, also in dark blue. And I'm so happy with both items.

They are from Newchic. A lovely online shop that offers beautiful trendy clothes at best prizes. New clothes and accessories for New You!
I  can recommend this site for everyone because they have a wide range of great fashion items, jewelry, shoes and more. Shipping is fast, customer service is amazing, you will have a good shopping time.

Rain boots - HERE
Bag - HERE

As new year is almost at the door it means a new beggining. Sometimes small things matters. Enjoy new trends, choose Newchic for your next purchase!

>> For every stylish chick there is Newchic <<

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6 komentari

  1. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

  2. Torba je preslatka,cizmice si super iskombinovala,iako ja nisam neki fan gumenog,medjutim tebi stvarno dobro pristaju,pogotovo uz tvoju prelijepu boju kose

  3. Nice bag and shoe! And the color suits you well!

    Cheap wigs

  4. Really awesome look!
    xo from Italy, happy holidays!
    Sonia Verardo


Thanks for stopping by on my blog. Love you all! ♥


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