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Hey cuties, how are you? It's sunny here. I really enjoy the beautiful weather. Hope you also have a good day so far.

In today's post I want to write about a lovely online shop which provides personalized nametags. My Nametags produces cute and fun name labels for clothes and equipment. You can use them on clothes, bottles, cups... They're washable in washing machine and dishwasher. For maximum adhesion wait 24 hours before washing. Very great product! Please note if you want to use it to label clothing, don't apply directly to the fabric, stick the colour label on the already existing label.

The team behind try to make their nametags as simple and useful as possible. They try to treat customers as they like to be treated, with a quick and useful response. I can confirm that the customer service is friendly. Shipping is fast. I would recommend to take a look at the site, whether you need a label for clothing, stationery, fabric or shoes, there is a nametag for you! My Nametags is using a unique combination of high quality label material and a special adhesive that makes their labels stay on much better than any other label on the market. Find a product, design it, choose text, font, icon design and background. I designed mine with my name, cat icon and paws as background. I'll show some ideas how to use these labels.

Their stickers really stay on!

Shop now long-lasting, easy to apply name tags with 1000's of uses:

 My Nametags

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  1. Hello from Spain: lovely proposals. keep in touch.

  2. What a cute thing and thanks for shared.
    Have a wonderful weekend dear.

  3. Oh so cute dear, nice post!

  4. Preslatko je zaista :)


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