Wishtrend Klairs BB Cream and Concealer (My skin but better)

Hello babes, how are you today? I woke up later than usually, I had to rush to get ready at time. I'm so happy that I have a helper for my skin now, to look fresh and radiant, without using tons of heavy powders and cosmetics. I was always looking for a product that will give me good overlap but also a natural leisurely look. It was hard to find a good foundation, as you know it's a basis of every make-up. After using liquid and compact powders, I changed to BB Creams. But they're often very oily. My skin is normal, with some dry parts. But I don't like it when my face shines to much, only if I put highlighter on it, but moderately! In this post I will show you what my new Klairs BB cream I got from Wishtrend does for my skin.

Wishtrend exists for one simple mission : “Helping you to be more beautiful.”
Visit the site and you will surely be positively surprised. The site is great. Well organized with a lot of informations about skin and body care, make-up, hair etc. It's really good to have the chance to see before/after pictures under all products. If you have some questions, a friendly customer service will help you immediately. Prices are affordable for best products.

The best on this BB cream and Concealer is that they blend with natural skin color, so a nice solution for all skin problems. Visit these links below to see both items you saw in this post on the website:


See an example of pen coverage.

And after applying the concealer, you can see a good result.

Now, take a look how it looks on my face.
But also keep in mind that I applied only a thin layer to achieve a natural effect and show you that it have a good coverage power.

Left is my bare face without make-up, BEFORE I used the BB Cream from Wishtrend and Right is my face AFTER.

'Natural but still pretty' and 'My Skin, but better' are the messages of this products. Try them now, for all skin types with an anti-irritation formula.

Exclusive products for your beauty are waiting on you. Renew your skin. Say goodbye to "tired face days".

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Until next time...

With love,
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  1. Fabulous review. Loved your detailed post.

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  3. Cool! I like how you show the concealer. I love MAC foundation, it`s my go to.


  4. good products

  5. I haven't tried these, but they look great on your skin!



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