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Hello. I have new shoes, yaay. Happy to show them on the blog. Mid heel buckle strap pumps are my new vintage shoes. You may have heard this before but I love pumps! Especially this season’s buckle strap pumps. These fun embellishments can really put a swagger in a fashionista's step. From polished professional to party squad staple, these buckle strap shoes are sure to punch up your style power. The new generation wanted to be comfortable and free spirited! Couture shoe fashion was replaced by street fashion. Expensive materials and long life was snubbed for penny saving throw away styles that made it possible to own dozens of 1960s shoes for every season. Flat and low heel shoes were comfortable, easy to wear, easy to live life in. Just what every woman wanted in her shoe collection.

More about the store below

Gamiss is a leading international online fashion clothing store. They offer a complete range of trendsetting, contemporary fashion apparel and accessories including clothing, jewelry, bags, shoes, hair products, watches and home use products at the lowest prices. One word: They have everything you want or need to get fashion forward.

Pumps: HERE

I feel like a vintage dancer, so happy with my new shoes.

For a chic look and comfort by every step, these shoes are the best option.

Shop at gamiss with coupon code: GamissXie10

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