Army Green Jacket

If the word military conjures up pictures of hot, scratchy uniforms and muddy exercises, I urge you to think beyond standard issue kits and the rest. Green is all around us in nature and military green is warm and earthy. We hope that I’ve given the military green trend its civilian credentials for you now. Start your campaign now, and style it to last through fall – that’s an order!
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Gamiss is a leading international online fashion clothing store. They offer a complete range of trendsetting, contemporary fashion apparel and accessories including clothing, jewelry, bags, shoes, hair products, watches and home use products at the lowest prices. One word: They have everything you want or need to get fashion forward.

Jacket: HERE

Add a personal touch to your topper with patches and pins. Go for an authentic feel with military-inspired motifs, or add a rocker twist with a collection of band buttons.

If you too are looking for cool ways to start styling army green into your wardrobe, I’ve got dozens ideas. But the best items in this color can be found here. This is how you wear army green.

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