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Hi cuties, I'm back with a new outfit post. I know you like style inspiration and all information about where I got the items from and more details about the pieces. This time I will show you a cozy look because both items that I will describe and focus especially are more made for comfy winter outfits I think. The faux fur coat is really cute and I like the color. It's not as thick as I thought but it's nice for autumn, for winter maybe with a very warm sweater, probably it will keep you warm. It depends on how you like it. The second piece from the same store is a plaid shirt, my mom loves it, so I think I must give it to her but it's still in the family so I can borrow it anytime... Good idea, right? Do you like the clothing material combination? Faux fur and cotton/polyester, why not, I like it. This look can be worn daily or for special events, really flexible clothes. I think it's very to invest in such classic items. You can create different outfits with them.

More about the store below

JustFashionNow is an online shopping destination with a wide selection of fashionable clothes at the best prices. The team behind this store always add new items to their well-organized website, so you're able to shop the latest trends. Find stylish clothes from many categories. Be inspired and create new outfits. Shop eye-catchers and feel good. This shopping experience is waiting on you. The customer service is very professional and friendly, so you can get help if you need it. I'm sure you will enjoy your shopping! 

Plaid Shirt - Link or Search ID: 4177616
Faux Fur Coat - Link or Search ID: 511461

The clothes are so comfortable and trendy. Do you like my outfit for the day?

But the best news comes at the end. I can give you a special promotion code!
 Save 16% off on orders over US$1 with Code: JFNSNS

Happy shopping.

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