Plant Shopping, Lunch and the little things

Hello guys, yes I know, it's been a while since I wrote the last time on my blog. I missed it. But this time it's differe...

Hello guys, yes I know, it's been a while since I wrote the last time on my blog. I missed it. But this time it's different, I will not present an online shop or pose for an outfit article. I wanted to do something more personal. I want to share some photos of a beautiful day. How I spent it and what I did, you will see some pics that I made by the way. I'm now actually at my home and on my period, I feel like s*** So, to be honest with you. These pics are from a few days ago, but I love them so much and I think they are great and absolutely appropriate for a blog post. Also edited them to look fancy, 'cause I was in the mood. I woke up very early and immediately saw the sun was shining and my first thought was, oh, such a beautiful day to spend it outside. After breakfast I did my makeup and found a casual and definitely comfiest outfit ever. I decided the night before that I need to buy a plant for our kitchen, and I have a cute T-shirt with an plant graphic so, this was my first choice and isn't it the perfect top for my planned plant shopping? I haven't found the exact plant that I wanted to buy, but I bought another one anyhow. I was looking for a little lineage to put it in a macrame hanger, you surely know what I mean, to hang it in a corner. Then I found a cute plant but it was too big for it and now it's staying only on a table and the search for the macrame holder plant is continuing. 

We went to a cute coffee which also make fantastic food, my boyfriend ordered eggs with meat and sauce, I ordered an chicken salad. It was so delicious! But let me point out that the moment we arrived I noticed a cute and sleepy cat on one of the chairs, and of course we sat next to her. She went very quickly in a shade 'cause it was very warm. Oh I forgot, before we went to eat. I visited the new fragrance shop David Walker, it's from Turkey. Never had it before. I liked a perfume, so I bought it. The smell is very gentle and great for everyday use.

When I got back home I ate a desert with strawberries. Just mixed them with greek yoghurt and added some powdered sugar. Then I went to the garden to see what my dog is doing. He was sunkissed. The cutest furry ears enjoyed the sun. I just watched him for a while and realized that happiness is in the little things. It was a perfect day...

Hope you liked this kind of post. If you want me to share some moments of my life more often please comment below. I want to know what you think and if you like these posts or not.

Enjoy this Sunday afternoon everyone!

With love,

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