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I think we all have one thing in common, passion for online shopping. But we would like to enjoy it and not to worry about the shipping, right? If you always wanted fast delivery with no hassles, I have good news for you. There is, finally a US package forwarding service with guaranteed affordable rates. Really easy to use! I will explain everything related to it. You'll realize how much this service is worth!

USendHome have harnessed technology to create a simple yet powerful forwarding experience. Just do the shopping, leave them the delivery. You can't go wrong with your choice. It's often a problem that shipping at US online shops isn't available for your country or simply too expensive, this is really annoying, but with USendHome you will never have this embarrassment again.

Enjoy automatic package tracking! Automated tracking system notifies you instantly when each new shipping update arrives. All shipping methods include a tracking number so you always know where your package is in transit. You also can have convenience of advanced package tracking system. With one click of the mouse, all shipments are tracked and progress notifications sent to customers automatically. This is called Groundbreaking Technology.
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The website is amazing. Modern and clean. Full of information.
Next purchase from any online US store will be very easy. All you need is to register on - It's 100% free! Open a new account HERE. Every registered member receives a private US shipping address to use for their US purchases. In many cases, it is cheaper to use this services to deliver orders abroad than having them delivered directly through the merchant.

Keep in mind these advantages:
No plans and limitations - you can use your private USendHome address to deliver any number of packages.
Wide range of extra services to create a simple package management experience.
Shop in any US online store and use your private shipping address to deliver your orders to their distribution center.
Log in to your control panel to see your incoming packages, order extra services, and have your orders prepared and shipped.

All customers would benefit from a 10% discount off their shipping costs when they use POSTLAUNCH10 coupon code at checkout.

+ Bundle extra services and save 10%
+ Order extra services in advance and save 20%

Please note one of the most important facts: Straightforward Pricing - No Surprises!

Leading US brands
Enjoy new special features if you use this service now:

1. They added support to 2 express carriers: FedEx and TNT - more to come!
2. They now accept all major credit and debit cards, in addition to PayPal

I really can say they have the lowest USPS rates and the best package forwarding experience out there! They are about to launch referral program. I highly recommend you to start your shopping spree soon!

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