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Hey ladies, hope you had a good day. In my city it's usually a special day on this date, because there is always a big outdoor party marking the beginning of spring. With a lot of food, cotton candy, music... It's really a lovely tradition. But, today, as it was raining, there were fewer visitors than usual. But me and my sister was there and had a good time.
This post is about a very important theme for us, girls!
Bras... I'm often really frustrated by the process of getting a bra fitted. You have the same problem? Please pay attention to some useful informations below. is committed to changing all that. Every bra they make is designed with you in mind. We hope you’ll love the style, love the feel, and most importantly — love the fit.

Thirdlove believe fit should come first.

Designed with real women's measurements, they offer over 30 sizes, including 1/2 cup sizes for your best possible fit. After all, the best bra is one you never have to think about. 100% fit guarantee, returns and exchanges are always free.

Find the everyday bra perfect for your size and shape: Try now  FIT FINDER!
If you're not sure of your bra size Download their iPhone app HERE.

I have a quiz below for you to find your bra personality in a fun way!

"Isn't She Lovely Lace" is my result. And I think it's true. I love sweet stuff and lace is definitely my fave. Let me know yours!

>> The best bra is one you never think about. <<

Good News - use the promo code PERSONALITY at checkout, it will get you 15% off any order!

Make sure to visit because you need the perfect fit.

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4 komentari

  1. THis is really an informative post dear! I also find myself struggling which size fits me. :)

    Rica |

  2. Great post! I'm the Classic T-shirt type, love it simple ;)

    XOXO Lida

  3. Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  4. Odlican post! Korisno i zanimljivo :) Ja sam "classic tshirt" :D


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