Things women do when they are pregnant

The news of a couple expecting a baby is usually received with lots of love from both families. Most women get excited about the idea of having to be a mother. If you are a mom too, you can connect with this feeling. Most women do crazy things. If you thought women pretend in their behaviors and cravings hen pregnant, wait until your wife gets pregnant. When it comes to celebrities, they announce the news style. Here are some the things women do that will crack your ribs.

Testing for pregnancy severally
You may not believe this. But women or someone who has been looking to have a child finds out that she is expectant, one test is not enough to confirm the news. It takes several tests for such woman to be convinced she is pregnant. While this may appear funny but women who have had miscarriages in the past and had a hard time conceiving, find it hard to believe they are pregnant.
Announce their pregnancy in style
When it comes to the celebrities, breaking the news about their pregnancy is such a big deal. They tend to announce it in fashion, not only with words but also with photos. One such celebrity who announced her pregnancy in style is Khloe Kardashian. After keeping the pregnancy a secret for a couple of months, she shared a photo of the bump and how much she has was excited to have her dream of having a baby realized. She said they wanted to enjoy the pregnancy privately as a family. Khloe and her Boyfriend Tristan told their family about the pregnancy during a gathering.

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Have hilarious birth plan
Planning your baby’s birth is essential, but sometimes the things you propose can be amusing. Almost every pregnant woman has a birth plan in place, but this celebrity broke the record of planning. Amy Poehler posted her amusingly detailed birth plan. This had mothers all over laughing and talking about her requests. They included having a good-looking doctor, feeling their son’s head as he came down, the option to delay the delivery if she didn’t feel ready, and a Persian silk mat to tear into pieces during childbirth. This sounds funny, right?
Trying to keep fit
Once you get pregnant, everything is not going to be the same, from your eating habits to walking style to your body shape. Most women struggle to stay fit during their pregnancy period. Others still find it hard to keep fit even after the delivery of the child. Zoe Saldana disclosed that she gained more weight even after giving birth and was struggling to stay healthy.
Kids are blessing to everyone. Their arrival means a lot to the family. But some pregnancies are crazy like that woman who only demanded frozen yogurt. Women do many things while they are pregnant with the idea that you carry that specific child once and you have to enjoy everything. Some women are moody, and others enjoy dancing their belly.

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  1. Such a fun article to read :)
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