Preschooler kids: things you need to know

Caring for kids maybe challenging, especially, during the preschool age category, this is between ages 0- 5 years.

The truth is, at the age 5, kids crave for independence blossom at an amazing rate. With the sense of independence comes the eagerness to know the world around them.
The internal structure of your kids is mature for great imaginations, wanting to know everything around them. At this time, parents should get ready for creativity and exploration like never before. However, in other to help preschooler kids achieve their potentials, parents need to know few things that will help in building great minds that are ready to take on the world.
Developing Reading Habit
Knowing what to expect at the stage of development will help a great deal to handle preschooler kids that are just learning new things. They like to be read to, tend to enjoy it when adults read stories aloud, this method can even produce rhythm, which can be fun as well.
Observe the way they know most letters and their abilities to match letters with sounds they generate. At this stage, they should be able to write some letters and numbers. Allowing them the space to try over and again is important, it is not a good idea to help them write if they are not writing as fast as expected.
This is a learning process for every child, parents should only play the role of a guide, not to involve in the actual writing.
Developing Language
Simultaneously as preschooler skids are developing in the area of reading, so are they recording progress in the aspects of speech and language. They use many descriptions in conversations and their sentences are likely to be six or more words with many phrases.
It is also, amazing to discover that they know names of several objects, can differentiate basic colors and can count up to 10.
The beauty of it is that they can even tell riddles and jokes, which they find amusing; adults should try encouraging them in the process. Nevertheless, it is impossible for all kids at this stage to develop at the same rate. Parents should be Patient at the stage and willing to support and encourage them.
Developing Physically
Development in kids between 0-5 years is not just mental; they grow strong physically in the process too. They tend to explore their world independently.
They can build towers with blocks and knock them down at will, can swing by themselves (although is advisable to have an adult around), they can catch a ball or bounce it around, they run a lot at this age and like to get involved in many things and they are keen to draw, mostly single line figures and faces.
They are full of energy, therefore, adults should endeavor to support them, and learning is not just in classrooms, it is important not to restrain kids when trying to involve in physical activities.
Managing emotions of preschooler kids are crucial, as they feel grown up at this age, and can feel proud of themselves, yet can be embarrassed easily in the process.

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  1. Totally agree with your thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I totally agree with you. They are full of energy and as they never get tired. And their minds so spacious that they could store everything in there.


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